Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Feder Seder

For the season of Passover, I like to something that is not a traditional seder, I call it the Seder Feder!

I chose to have a PARTY (which is not traditional to emphasis the celebration of the freedom.).  

I always start the party with a cocktail hour.  The beverage served is potato vodka (made in USA) which is acceptable because certain grains are not permitted during the week of passover, therefore potato vodka is signature twist that I have been doing for several years.

I set the table ahead (feel free to use disposables).  You're celebrating your freedom, who wants to slave over dishes for 60!

Seder plates traditionally have the following items:

Maror - bitter herbs, which symbolized the harshness of slavery 
Charoset- a sweet mixture of apples, cinnamon and walnuts, that symbolizes the mortar between the bricks.
Karpas - a green vegetable, symbolizing spring, but it is dipped in salt water which symbolizes the tears.
Z'roa - The shank bone, represents the sacrificial lamb.
Beitzah - A hard boiled egg symbolizing mourning.  
Matzah - unleavened bread, represents the exodus from Egypt.  

*Please note the orange, which is not traditional, but represents women's freedom.   (A rabbi once said, "there will be women rabbi's when there is a orange on the seder there are woman rabbi's).  

That's my way of celebrating, I would like to hear about some of yours!  Please send me a message and check out my facebook page for my pictures of the Seder Feder!

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