Friday, July 20, 2012

Potluck - A Great Get Together!

This summer has been an interesting one.  Between the traveling and hot temperatures, planning a Get-Together may be the furthest thing from your mind.  But...this is still a good time to gather with your friends and loved ones, so, why not host a Potluck Party!

It can be real simple and easy, plus, all you do is supply the place and accessories, and let your guest help provide the dishes.  You don't necessarily need a theme, but you can come up with anything like celebration of a new book or movie, or watching your favorite Olympic event.  Come up with a list of dishes you want, and doesn't matter if it's a Brunch, Luncheon, or Dinner - make the event your own!  Remember, sometimes it's not about the type of event how much you spend, it's how great a time you have when together.

Now I have a boat load of recipes, but I found this cool website that has just as many.  Check out this link at, plan your menu, and go from there!

Send me some pics and recipes of your own parties!  I would love to see some of YOUR ideas!

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