Friday, April 13, 2012

Have a Game Night!!!

 It's Friday night...if you have sat in traffic for a long time trying to get home, or your needing some quality time with the family, why not have a Game Night!

It's economical, a lot of fun, and YOU can be as creative as you want to be.  You can also invite your neighbors, family, and/or friends over for the fun.  Now, here is something to consider.  If  the Get-Together is at your home, then have your friends help chip in by having them bring the food - tell them what to bring. When YOU assign the food, you will not get four of the same things. Another thing, let your guests know is that you are not serving dinner per say but you are providing great food with their help!  (These tips are good to use for anything you host!!!)

Here's my idea of Game Night...

The Menu 

Your food ideas are limitless, just make sure the food is tasty, ample and presented well. 
As the hostess you should supply the evening of fun, service ware, beverages and dessert.  You can serve the following:

Heavy Hors D'ouevres or Appetizers
Mini Hot Dogs 
Seven Layer Dip 
Cut-Up Vegetables with Dip                                                                                                               Smoked Salmon 
Grilled Tri-Tip Steak that has been chilled and sliced thin

Chinese Food served in small chinese food containers and chop sticks 
Pizza Slices
Bucket of Fried Chicken
Mac & Cheese portioned out in paper cups so they can be served individually 
Deli Sandwiches with big kosher pickles and thick cut chips

The Dessert 
You can have an assortment of ice cream novelties such as: 
Ice Cream Sandwiches 
Nutty Buddies 
Ice Cream Cups 
Sorbet (a non dairy item) 
Build Your Own Sundae - YUM!!!
Have all kinds of toppings on a tray or dedicated area 
(chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or butterscotch sauce, nuts whipped cream in a can , sliced fresh banana – the sky is the limit!!) and a container of ice cream. or 
You can do what I do...I pre-scoop ice cream balls and either have them in an individual decorative disposable container (anything from a plastic disposable cup to a paper chinese food box or place the ice cream balls on a parchment covered cookie sheet  cover that and freeze.  The frozen ice cream balls should go in a big chilled bowl , covered and placed back in the freezer.

Your Beverage Area should be set with cups, beverage napkins and ice.  

You can also have nuts or little nibbles you can offer your  guests as they arrive, but remember, your guests are bringing the food.

The Set-Up
OK!  Have the game tables with the games set in the room where you will be playing.  The tables should have small, plates and cocktail napkins at the ready.  

This is such a cool and easy way to have a get-together and its so much fun!!!  Remember -  PRESENTATION - PRESENTATION!!!    

I would love to see your ideas for Game Night!  Like me on Facebook and send me a message - You can check out my pictures too !

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