Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...Merry Christmas!

Ok, I know it's Thanksgiving, but really it's the beginning of the Christmas Holiday!

I need not ask if you're ready...but have you started preparing?  I'm not talking about the Black Friday madness.  What about getting your house ready for all the extra guests...the holiday dishes...the decorating...all of THAT can be overwhelming.

We give thanks for our life, family, and friends, yet the holidays can be stressful - that's just what you're NOT supposed to be doing.  The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, cherished, treasured, and remembered for years to come.  Here's a few tips.

Take some time to write your wish list - Things You Wish To Get Done.  Take time each day to do one thing on your list.

Also, don't go all over town looking for decorations and such, you may already possess a wealth of treasures right at home.  Remember, re-purposing is a great way to redecorate!

Plan a day with your family and friends to holiday decorate - make a party out of it!  You just may start another holiday tradition.

So after you finish your Thanksgiving turkey and prepare to hit the stores, take some time and get your holiday plan together - the one that will keep you sane and happy this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays Everyone!

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